RainxCloud (rainxcloud) wrote,

In a mood to talk about anime :3

So hi again and I have been around the thing is that I am just checking stuff and with intention on posting but then something happen and I never post but now I am having a moment of peace and finally posting

Like always the post is juts about talking anime, which I am thinking in making like a LJ or blog idk about what I think of an anime that I finish watching and the difference that will be with those post and the ones I always make here (or try to make) is that it wont include personal stuff or so much fangirling, just a little summary about it and what I think... but anyways that idea is just an idea 'cause I have stuff to do and not much time to watch anime and well... will see

Anyways back to the anime I wanna talk is about Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie just catch up with the latest ep. I think its 7 and well so far I think its kind of fast... I mean about the pace of what is going on, and stuff, and I think its because its only like 5 mins each ep. I would have love for this anime to be a bit more longer so they can show how each sweet is made, 'cause I would love to try one XD

But oh well, I really like the animation and love to see the sweets >_< they all look so delicious XD and now about the seiyuu, YES! the reason why I am watching this is because of Kimura Ryohei and I love when he makes voices for cheerful characters, he sound so cute X3 I saw the cast too and there are a lot of awesome seiyuus but for now I forgot which one since I have been checking other and maybe mixing them and argh!

I will keep watching this anime just 'cause I am seiyuu biased XD and I will post if I did end up liking it or just was bad, don't know so for now that is all I wanted to say, I think I had more but I forgot since this post should have been made when I finished watching, I had so much in my mind that I wanted to share, but yeah real life got in the way -_-

I will try to post more since really I wanna post everytime I finish watching an anime orz

bye X3

Tags: *sigh*, anime, going to sleep now orz, nonsense, tomorrow i have to prepare my thanksgivi
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